A new day 

“Like sand through the hour glass so are the days of our lives” 

Today is a new day. Let yesterday be forgotten its gone. Lets begin to prepare for tomorrow we dont know what it holds. A new day brings new opportunities. Dont sulk on what you couldnt achieve yesterday but rather write down a new list of things you want to achieve today. Be grateful for the things you achieve. And work on the things you dont. Life is too short to worry about the past after all. YOLO 



Lol used to mean lots of love now it means laugh out loud. Just because I call you black doesn’t have to mean you a criminal or gangster. Just because I call you white doesn’t have to mean you have a superiority complex. We are the makers of our own disteny change is constant. What are you doing to change the word black from bad to good or white even. We take these labels too seriously and make them define us. To the point that we afraid to interact with a different race. Its just a label. It doesn’t have to be stereotypical to call you black or call you white. Something so nonsensical has been turned into something so major that milions have died because of these ‘ Oh so important labels’ 



Red Ranger

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We say who am I to be gorgeous, beautiful, who are you not to be?” 

Poweful words by powerful people. When we were young and watching cartoons we always wanted to be the leader. If we watch pheneas and ferb. We all want to be pheneas. When we watch the power rangers we all wanted to be the red ranger. We had a natural born instinct to be successful to be beautiful we all had the potential but as we grow society teaches with or without our consent that we have to be a certain way in oder to be beautiful. We feel inadequate and we undermine our potential. Being successful doesnt not neccessarily mean you walking on the red carpet or are being interviewed by Oprah being successful means you have achieved what you aimed to achieve and you are happy. So find that Red Ranger in you and be the best that you can be

” im starting with the man in the mirror” -micheal jackson 

“One man can change the world” – big sean 

“Im the worlds greatest” -Rkelly 

Inspiring music 



You can’t have a rainbow without rain

Just like you can’t succeed without failing

Hope is something we should all possess 

Hope is like the sun on a winter day 

Hope are the flowers near a hospital bed

Hope is expecting the rain during a drought never doubting those heavy clouds.

Hope is remembering that even the most beautiful flowers come from the dirt

It’s okay to be sad but don’t forget how to laugh 

Never loose hope because when hope is lost

We loose the sun in our smiles 

The heaven in our hellos

We don’t see the beauty of the sunset instead we ponder about the darkness of the night 

Always hope

My protector

Hi, my name is Zaina Kungwa and I know people will think I was abused but to be honest I don’t know what it feels like so one day I tried to picture what it would be like so I wrote a poem so here goes:

My protector 

Protector,provider those are the conotation to the word father. 

I always thought it was going to be a stranger an unkown mister but rather it was my father. He imparted fears and tears within me and i always wanted to depart. He was never my father. I had to be protected from him

He was never my Protector

I was taught from a young age never to trust because obviously i will be left in the dust. He would shower me with kisses and call me his princess, mind you not in the way a father should. He would beat me when I cried and be happy when I obeyed he was never my Protector 

I never felt warmth or love but i always craved it. He was strong alright but not to protect. I would quiver and cower away when he came. Nobody knew.

He was never my protector