White norm Black privilege

It’s a norm for a white child to be able to afford varsity but a privilege for a black child in South Africa 2016. While it may be blasphemous to say the things I will say today its the truth. South Africa is not in the ecomomic level where all varsities can provide a fee free education. While I do believe that these varsity attending students march and protest for a just course. Is it not stupid to be destroying the same varsity that you can’t afford to pay for. I feel like they strongly lack common sense because at the end of the day nothing is for free. Taxes will increase salaries will decrease every thing else besides education will be expensive so at the end of the day the question will be did fees really fall? If I owned a varsity or a bank or any business at all a business thinking mind will lead me to do business with people who can afford to pay me now why would I do business with someone who won’t pay the money. And that is the truth of South Africa we black people can’t afford to pay for varsity and I’m speaking for the majority so I apologies to the minority whose parents were smart enough to save something for you. I absolutely agree that we pay ridiculous amounts to be able to study and obtain an education. What are we doing to change it. Will burning varsities and protesting solve the problems or will we eventually waste money paying for the things we have destroyed. Yes blame it it on the government you always chide and mad mouth them for doing a terrible job but still vote for them when the time comes. It’s a sad truth and its something we should right instead of always quick to blame racism half the time and yes I do agree that racism still exists and is lurking amongst us but its not something that will not completely go away either. It’s about time to let go of the grudges our grand parents held . it’s time to unite and teach one another how to progress to live the dream of Walter Sisulu and Nelson Mandela and Lillian Ngoyi when they fought for equality because we are equal yes the government is stealing our taxes and robbing all of us with corrupt policeman so the question is are we free we all danced and sang and made speeches about freedom. But we are bound by the shackles of poverty and corruption and racism 


Its about time South Africa that we grow we are adults we are old enough to do many things we are past legal age and that is the time a person should be mature and older wiser and capable 

Free at last they sang but are we really?

Who am I ?

Whether you are 98 or 17. Whether you are a successful entrepreneur or a high school drop out. You will reach a certain stage when you ask yourself a very important question. Who am I? Some people go on pilgrimes to go and ‘find themselves’ as if they ever lost themselves in the first place. I don’t think you can forget who you are unless that is a disease some scientist discovered. We just loose sight of our goals and our prioritise change and we can’t see where the road leads to. Well the cure for uncertainty is introspection. Many people don’t introspect. 

We waste all our lives trying to discover who we are. I think we already know. How can you forget that your name is Christina Morgan Or Justin Abrahams thats who you are no more no less. No matter how many other Christina Morgan’s there are they can never be like you or be you. 

Who am I? The first time you know who are is in high school when that boy everybody sees as cool offers you weed or marijuana and you say no or yes . The first time you know who you are is the first time they ask you to be like everybody else, do what everyone else is doing. That is when you make a decision to be your own person. Once you make that decision I don’t think you can ever forget who you are unless old age is that bad 

“I am me, not us “-Zaina kungwa 

Evolution vs Creation

I personally don’t feel offended when evolutionist say we evolved from the chimpanzee but I do feel offended when they say my theory is wrong. Who is to say which is right and wrong when we weren’t there when time or humankind began. We have all these special theories and scriptures and we have these big debates about things we don’t fully understand. The greatest or strongest athiests were christians first

Don’t judge me let me believe what I believe and let me believe it freely. We all have a right to free will. Schools only teach evolution. Why it is that we don’t get taught on creation it is automatically seen as null and void just because it is not scientifically approved. Everyone should be given a fair chance at free will a right to learn both sides because it seems like evolution is being stuffed in our faces. Which is not fair to me. 


“It is only when we know our past, then  we will be able to see our future”- Wiston Churchill

Golden Rule 

Treat others the way you want to be treated. It seems like people have forgotten the golden rule.

It takes another person’s hand to lift you when you fall. 

It takes another person’s smile to make you feel alive 

People nowadays forget that how you treat a person determines the kind of person you are 

We laugh at others forgetting what it feels like to be laughed at, we label others forgetting what it feels like to be labelled and then we stare in to another person eyes and say point blank I have never killed a person. Many people die inside each day 

That girl you called fat is probably so insecure now she thinks of killing herself. That girl with braces you didn’t like probably thinks she can never be beautiful, she walks with her head down and never shows her beautiful smile so yes you might have killed someone 


Help Yourself 

God helps those who help themselves never expect help if you never tried to help yourself. People have a tendency of sitting back and praying that the opportunity to do what they want comes to them. It won’t so get up from your feet and stop giving tired excuses, because that’s only because you scared that you won’t succeed success is inevitable eventually you will. 


unwanted friends 

You know how people like to make themselves special in your life. Like without them you can’t live. I have a lot of those people. So what u do is u click no ck on whats app, unfriend on Facebook and if they still don’t get the message block them on all other social media too. At the end o the day everything you do is for you and dont let anybody else compromise ur happiness

Dear old me

I’m happier now, stronger much wiser

I don’t suffer from anxiety

I know you not as happy as you used to be

Don’t be afraid to show insecurity 

Accept your imperfections because they make you perfectly human

Dear old me

Please don’t look for security in that boy who whispers 

Sweet nothings into your ears .

He doesn’t know the difference between a boy and a man 

He is feeding off of your naivety

Dear old me 

Walk with your head held high 

Let there be heavens in your hellos 

And the sun in your smile 

Show your flaws, admit defeat 

Forgive and most of all be happy 

Be very happy 

Dear old me