For a friend


This was my response to a question. Zaina have you ever been reminded of how broken you are?

We are only as broken as we believe our selves to be. If we do call our selves broken then I will ask you define broken for broken just like every other word in the world has a different meaning for each individual. I then tried to analyze the word to gain an understanding of what she meant and the  closest definition I found defined something that is broken as something that is no longer whole. Of course there was weakened, incomplete and one that really captured my attention was destroyed by adversity. Life does indeed throw no not stones but boulders at us and it is then that we realise we have to chose between facing those boulders and moving them aside or running away from them our whole life which in turn only makes them catch up to us and break us. When you leave issues unattended they begin to pile up and as they do you end up feeling suffocated or depressed and then you call your self broken. We need to take time to sift through the mess the day has brought upon us and introspect and make peace with our selves so that when life throws another boulder at us we can boldy grab onto it and break it instead of it breaking us. There is a saying you only fail when you give up and I believe it. As long as you keep on trying you are indeed a winner because you have the courage to carry in even in adversity.