Who am I ?

Whether you are 98 or 17. Whether you are a successful entrepreneur or a high school drop out. You will reach a certain stage when you ask yourself a very important question. Who am I? Some people go on pilgrimes to go and ‘find themselves’ as if they ever lost themselves in the first place. I don’t think you can forget who you are unless that is a disease some scientist discovered. We just loose sight of our goals and our prioritise change and we can’t see where the road leads to. Well the cure for uncertainty is introspection. Many people don’t introspect. 

We waste all our lives trying to discover who we are. I think we already know. How can you forget that your name is Christina Morgan Or Justin Abrahams thats who you are no more no less. No matter how many other Christina Morgan’s there are they can never be like you or be you. 

Who am I? The first time you know who are is in high school when that boy everybody sees as cool offers you weed or marijuana and you say no or yes . The first time you know who you are is the first time they ask you to be like everybody else, do what everyone else is doing. That is when you make a decision to be your own person. Once you make that decision I don’t think you can ever forget who you are unless old age is that bad 

“I am me, not us “-Zaina kungwa 


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Im an ordinary girl in a not to ordinary world using the world as my platform to discovery. Discovering me. This is my journey to me. 17 years old living in Durban South Africa