Evolution vs Creation

I personally don’t feel offended when evolutionist say we evolved from the chimpanzee but I do feel offended when they say my theory is wrong. Who is to say which is right and wrong when we weren’t there when time or humankind began. We have all these special theories and scriptures and we have these big debates about things we don’t fully understand. The greatest or strongest athiests were christians first

Don’t judge me let me believe what I believe and let me believe it freely. We all have a right to free will. Schools only teach evolution. Why it is that we don’t get taught on creation it is automatically seen as null and void just because it is not scientifically approved. Everyone should be given a fair chance at free will a right to learn both sides because it seems like evolution is being stuffed in our faces. Which is not fair to me. 


“It is only when we know our past, then  we will be able to see our future”- Wiston Churchill


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