Golden Rule 

Treat others the way you want to be treated. It seems like people have forgotten the golden rule.

It takes another person’s hand to lift you when you fall. 

It takes another person’s smile to make you feel alive 

People nowadays forget that how you treat a person determines the kind of person you are 

We laugh at others forgetting what it feels like to be laughed at, we label others forgetting what it feels like to be labelled and then we stare in to another person eyes and say point blank I have never killed a person. Many people die inside each day 

That girl you called fat is probably so insecure now she thinks of killing herself. That girl with braces you didn’t like probably thinks she can never be beautiful, she walks with her head down and never shows her beautiful smile so yes you might have killed someone 



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Im an ordinary girl in a not to ordinary world using the world as my platform to discovery. Discovering me. This is my journey to me. 17 years old living in Durban South Africa