Perception of Perfection 

beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”  if only we could realise that what we see as beauty we see because we were taught to perceive beauty as such.  

I came to realise that a person is only beautiful when they are beautiful inside. I know we have heard this being said so many times but its true so i want all the readers today to experiment. Look around you and find the people that others call beautiful and try to find out why they are called beautiful. We read magazines and watch shows that promote natural beauty where as their models have fake lashes and hair extensions.  

So at the end of the day i ask my self what exactly is beauty. Because every woman out there is striving to be beautiful and every man is looking for a beautiful woman. 

Perfection is just a percetion 



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Im an ordinary girl in a not to ordinary world using the world as my platform to discovery. Discovering me. This is my journey to me. 17 years old living in Durban South Africa

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