Seize the opportunity 

I have a friend called Zekhethelo Thwala. She really inspired me she taught me that despite what other people say we shouldnt let them define us. 

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Remember that there is no other you. You are your only competition. Every body starts somewhere don’t rush to get to the top. You will become a one hit wonder never to be heard of again. Success is defined as the achievement of one’s aim or goals. 

Do things that make u and only u happy. It is your prerogative to be successful. When we fall we should stand up and dust ourselves and continue on the Journey. If we give up too early we won’t reach our destination. The only thing that defines u. Is what u allow to define u


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Im an ordinary girl in a not to ordinary world using the world as my platform to discovery. Discovering me. This is my journey to me. 17 years old living in Durban South Africa

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