Dear old me

I’m happier now, stronger much wiser

I don’t suffer from anxiety

I know you not as happy as you used to be

Don’t be afraid to show insecurity 

Accept your imperfections because they make you perfectly human

Dear old me

Please don’t look for security in that boy who whispers 

Sweet nothings into your ears .

He doesn’t know the difference between a boy and a man 

He is feeding off of your naivety

Dear old me 

Walk with your head held high 

Let there be heavens in your hellos 

And the sun in your smile 

Show your flaws, admit defeat 

Forgive and most of all be happy 

Be very happy 

Dear old me


Raise the Standard 

Its time to raise the standard 

Once upon a time a woman was respected 

Now she is advertised on billboards 

For the whole world to see her most precious gems

She is called whore by the same man 

She claims she adores 
You let him in that dumbfounded naive boy 

Who thinks thinking with his genitals is what 

Makes him a man. When the term pregnancy comes 

That’s his que to leave, obviously that’s what he 

Was taught by his non existent daddy 
You are beautiful, gorgeous, extravagant, effervescent 

You are a Woman 

No one should tell you other wise

Time Waits for no man


“If education is the key, then who locked the door?” – Realsoak

The door is open for everyone. everyone has the opportunity its up to you how you use it. If you say that I’m waiting for when I’m 18 then you might as well not do it at all. Time waits for no man if you want to achieve something then start laying the foundations for it now.

Perception of Perfection 

beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”  if only we could realise that what we see as beauty we see because we were taught to perceive beauty as such.  

I came to realise that a person is only beautiful when they are beautiful inside. I know we have heard this being said so many times but its true so i want all the readers today to experiment. Look around you and find the people that others call beautiful and try to find out why they are called beautiful. We read magazines and watch shows that promote natural beauty where as their models have fake lashes and hair extensions.  

So at the end of the day i ask my self what exactly is beauty. Because every woman out there is striving to be beautiful and every man is looking for a beautiful woman. 

Perfection is just a percetion 


Seize the opportunity 

I have a friend called Zekhethelo Thwala. She really inspired me she taught me that despite what other people say we shouldnt let them define us. 

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Remember that there is no other you. You are your only competition. Every body starts somewhere don’t rush to get to the top. You will become a one hit wonder never to be heard of again. Success is defined as the achievement of one’s aim or goals. 

Do things that make u and only u happy. It is your prerogative to be successful. When we fall we should stand up and dust ourselves and continue on the Journey. If we give up too early we won’t reach our destination. The only thing that defines u. Is what u allow to define u