writters block 

This is something I found myself getting. It is a nightmare. I’m sure every writer out there who has ever experienced writer’s block cries when they think about it.

This is how we should view situations in our lives. Like writers block. As scary as it is. That blank space. That moment when we can’t get it right. When we don’t know what’s next. When we do figure things out and when we do get it right. We make the most beautiful art piece there is to find. Life is a work of art every day is a stroke of a brush on the canvas like a painter. A new word in an untold story. Your life is your own Cinderella story and you get to choose whether all the bad in life is going to bring you down or you are going to stand up tall and tell yourself you are the world’s greatest


What is it that inspires you? 

This is something we all need to ask our selves. Is it Chris Brown or late Maya Angelou. Is it Yvonne Chakka Chakka or is it Martin Luther king jnr. Who is your mentor in order to succeed we all need a mentor someone who in times of desperation we look to and think what would the do or what did they do to get out of this. Your inspiration should be someone who can shape you to be the best that you can be whether its through their music, poetry, movies or just their daily lives. In the road to success we willnstumble we will fall but we have to pick ourselves up dust our clothes and move on and how can we do that if we don’t look to the people who have trode the path we tread today. We have to be very careful as to whonis our inspiration let it not be drug users and women abusers but instead let it be the pioneers and live changers. Because eventually you do become who you look up to ❤

A praise poem For The Man Who Colonised My Continent

Thank you for teaching me to be greedy 

Thank you for showing me that I should feed my hungry brother

And expect something more than I had given 

Thank you for teaching me to be materialistic

That everything I do should be towards buying and spending
Thank you for assisting me to forget my heritage

I have forgotten that I am human 

Now I am black 

Thank you for making me forget UBUNTU

That I am because you are and you are because I am 
Thank you for teaching me to be selfish

Thank you for teaching me to submit only to you 

And for always reminding me that I can never be above you 
I have learnt so much 

Thank you 

I have learnt that oppression is something I shouldn’t be surprised about

Thank you for always reminding me that I am black in every application that I fill in as if I can ever forget 
Thank you for all that you have taught me 

A Story of A dying continent

​There was once a young girl who lived with her uncle

Her uncle was terrifying in all ways you can imagine

He had a lot of friends all as horrid as him 

When the girl was young she was safe 

You could see she was beautiful but she was only but a child
When puberty hit her 

She gained lush breasts 

And her hips curved 

Her smile was brighter 

She was a woman 

Finally capable of bearing fruits 
Her uncle noticed this change and he liked it 

He wanted it 

His friends saw it to and they couldn’t wait to have her 

They did have her 

They all divided her and sucked out the joy of adolescence

They left her a skeleton a shadow of once was there 

They body she used to flaunt she now hides in shame 
They give her names such as dirty and incompetent

Her uncle and his friends left scars on her body and in her soul

Still fresh to this day 

And a broken leg 

She limps 

She limps to her freedom 

She limps to try and reach out to that joy she once knew 

But its all gone 

She is left broken 

Her name is Africa 


​You are human 

It’s something people seem to forget 

Before you are race 

You are human 

Before you are religion 

You are human 
You are the very essence of God 

You are quintessential

You are a masterpiece

A beautiful creation 
Before you are a country 

You are human 

Never forget that 

So the chains of racism and religion and patriotism

Should never stop us from remembering 

We are one human race 

So smile to that black brother 

And greet that white mother 
Learn the different languages 

Embrace different cultures

And if you have to try to be a different race for once 

One that does not oppress the other

One that loves so much 

Love is something that no one is short of

We are one human race 

Middle Class

I don’t think many people realise how much we suffer sometimes especially when it comes to paying fees we are not poor enough to get support from government but also not reach enough to afford varsity so what then happens. We end up working two jobs and take student loans to pay our fees because we aren’t smart enough to get scholarships. We not all that lucky. Then when we doing and we have our degree we are unemployed sitting at home watching sponge Bob. So now we have to work a 9to 5 job that doesn’t pay much and most of our wage goes to the student loans. It’s a sad life. But we do get a job and then we pay them off and everything is good but we still have to pay for our siblings fees or pay for an uncles child so eventually we forget to save for our own children and the cycle continue. You would think that after this cycle has continued for a couple of generations people will learn or those ho have learnt to tell others no they don’t.  So this is the continues cycle for the middle class. This is something that’s happening right now not only in SA but in many countries. While everyone is oblivious to this continuous cycle. Others become billionaires and can send their children anywhere in the world it’s the reality of how things are really